What will Premier League clubs do with casual staff and food for postponed matches?


The announcement on Friday morning that the Premier League would not be playing scheduled games this weekend came with plans already underway at most top clubs.

This of course includes catering preparations for weekend games. Clubs are also booking casual matchday staff for matches to work in retail, catering and stewardship positions.

Athleticism spoke to every Premier League club due to play at home to find out what they were doing after games were postponed.

Fulham v Chelsea

Food from Craven Cottage will be donated to London food redistribution charity City Harvest, via the Fulham Foundation, who will donate it to local charities, food banks and people in the community in need. No food will be wasted.

Some casual employees have already worked to prepare for the game and will be paid. Fulham are not responsible for staffing through contractors, but for contract staff – on matchday or on an occasional basis – they will honor the costs.

Arsenal v Everton

Casual staff are paid to work on matchdays at Arsenal. As a result, they will not be paid for Saturday’s game.

Arsenal catering contractors will save as much produce as possible from the freezers, with their next game scheduled for Thursday. Any food that cannot be saved will be donated to local projects.

Leicester City v Aston Villa

Those who have to work occasionally at King Power Stadium for this weekend’s game will be paid when they work the rearranged game.

Most foods are perishable and cannot be transported. Anything non-perishable will be donated to local food banks and community projects to feed the homeless.

Southampton v Brentford

Casual staff will be paid while working on the rearranged match.

Southampton donated all the food that would have been used at the game to charity. A collection has already picked up food while another will come before the end of Friday.

Southampton are hoping for next week’s round of fixtures and preparing to face Villa. Their team trained on Friday, and will have a recovery session on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday.

Bournemouth v Brighton

Bournemouth will not be paying casual staff for this weekend, but they will be paid to work the rescheduled game.

Any food not used for Saturday’s game will be donated to a local charity.

West Ham United v Newcastle United

The London stadium – which organizes food and occasional staff for West Ham matchdays – did not respond to a request for Athleticism.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur

City will pay all of their casual staff for the hours allocated to men’s and women’s matches this weekend.

Perishable food will be redistributed to local associations.

Crystal Palace v Manchester United

The Norwood Food Bank collected over 100 kilograms of fruit and vegetables in Selhurst Park this afternoon. City Harvest also picked up fresh food and baked goods to distribute in food parcels.

Casual staff will likely end up working the revamped game.

Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Liverpool halted the preparation of their food on Thursday, saving a lot of potential waste. With another game on Tuesday, they can reserve food for next.

Donations have also been sent to the local community since 9am Friday morning and will also be distributed throughout the day tomorrow, including 30 trolleys of fresh sandwiches.

Friday’s donations went to:

  • Whitechapel Center for the Homeless
  • Victory Outreach Youth Hostel
  • L30 Community Center
  • Two schools at Anfield
  • Fans support food banks
  • L6 Community Center

Casual staff will not be paid for Saturday’s postponed game, but will be paid for the date of the postponed game.

Leeds United v Nottingham Forest

Leeds donated the food they allocated for Monday night to the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust. They will also pass on pre-purchased food for the squad and pre-match meals for the first-team staff. The Trust plans to distribute it to Rethink Food at the White Rose Center in the city.

Leeds claim their agency staff are contracted for 19 home games per season and, with Forest’s game due to be rearranged, will be paid for that number as agreed.

Reporting: Peter Rutzler, Art de Roche, Rob Tanner, Jacob Tanswell, Ahmed Shooble, Roshane Thomas, Sam Lee, Matt Woosnam, Simon Hughes, Phil Hay

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