Spam becomes everyday life | Lifestyles


Unfortunately, spam and text messages have become part of everyday life. A recent email received from a Berkshire Eagle reader asks, “I wonder why I’m still getting so much spam when I’m not doing much on the computer. Just email a few friends and order a few items. I do not complete warranties or complete our surveys except at the doctor’s office. No suggestions? I have Bit Defender.

Much of the junk food is not criminal activity, but part of aggressive marketing by our internet providers and online search engines. Companies like Verizon, Consolidated, Comcast and Spectrum share information with their affiliates. Google, Twitter, and Facebook are known to share data with advertisers and even sell contact information. FREE services have to make money somewhere and it’s not by charging us a fee. I often comment “If you access the service for free, you are not the consumer; you are the product.


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