Poland: activity information report module, step by step guide – Poland



  1. Introduction

A results framework has been established to track the performance of the Polish Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2022 against indicators and to ensure progress against targets set by partners at the start of the planning process (Annex 1) . The purpose of rolling out a monitoring framework is to ensure transparency and accountability, and to avoid duplication. It informs program monitoring and enables the coordination of RRP implementation, as well as informing the government and respective donors about humanitarian activities taking place in Poland. The information can be used to inform planning for the future and to readjust the response as gaps are identified.

The reporting tool that can be used to track the performance of RRP is ActivityInfo. ActivityInfo is open source data collection and reporting software that works both online and offline. It is secure, flexible, and offers a user-friendly information management system that is ideal for collaboration on data collection and reporting. It is web-based and optimized to capture geographically dispersed activities implemented by multiple partner organizations. UNHCR will provide access to this software to all response partners.

Cluster coordinators and UNHCR will contact RRP partners regularly to ensure that information is shared monthly by partners. Reporting against the RRP results framework indicators is a requirement for all RRP partners (this includes UN agency implementing partners).

Non-RRP partners are also encouraged to report their activities in ActivityInfo to ensure coordination as well as visibility of the overall response. All data collected will be published in online (dashboard) and offline (PDF reports) products and will help ensure accountability to the public as well as inform the Polish government and donors about progress and contributions from all agencies.


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