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House AK Fire Info Parts of the Tanana Valley State Forest will reopen to motorized use

For immediate release: July 11, 2022

(Fairbanks, AK) – Beginning July 12, 2022 at 8:00 a.m., the “Tanana Road Closure Order” Will Be Partially Canceled to allow access to the Tanana Valley State Forest (TVSF) for motorized use on several logging roads around Fairbanks. Specific roads to be reopened include Maisch Logging Road (MP 312 Parks Highway), Nenana Ridge Road (Mile 327 Parks Highway), Skinny’s Road (Mile 328 Parks Highway), Standard Creek Road (Old Nenana Highway), Cache Creek Road (Murphy Dome Road), as well as Two Rivers Road and Jenny M Road (Two Rivers area of ​​Chena Hot Springs Road). These forest roads are indicated on the attached map.

Motorized use on other TVSF areas remains closed until this order is rescinded.

The Tanana Valley State Forest remains extremely dry, wildfires create smoky conditions, and fire danger is very high. The Department of Natural Resources recommends motorized use only during the cooler times of the day: nighttime and early morning. Active fires are currently burning in the Tanana Valley, and additional fire starts would strain the firefighting resources of the Forestry and Fire Protection Division.

Authority: AS 41.15.010, AS 41.15.050, AS 41.17.400 and 11 AAC 95.450.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kevin Meany, Fairbanks-Delta Area Resource Forester, Division of Forestry, 907-451-2602, [email protected]



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Tanana Valley State Forest – Current fires in the Fairbanks area (7/11/2022) and some logging roads are now open

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