News and Information – Elections 101: A Quick Guide to Making Voting Easier


1. Keep an eye on your mailbox

Voting is by mail. If you are registered, check your mailbox for your voting forms between September 16 and 21, 2022.

While you wait for your forms, you can use that time to learn more about the candidates and what the council is doing through our Elections 101 series.

2. Complete your voting forms

Put your pen to paper and fill out your voting forms. Voting is done via the STV (Single Transferable Vote) method, where you rank the candidates in order of preference.

On your ballot, put a “1” next to your favorite candidate, a “2” next to your second favorite, and so on.

In an STV election, candidates must reach a certain number of votes to be elected. You can rank as many or as few candidates as you want. More information about how STV works can be found on our Election Systems webpage.

If you need to vote for a “special vote” or if you are physically disabled, unable to read or write or do not know the language of the form, you can go to the Te Pokapū Hapori Community Center at 107 Manners Street and get help from the team. . Special voting will also be available at Johnsonville (Waitohi), Karori, Newtown and Ruth Gotleib (Kilbirnie) libraries during the final week of voting starting Monday, October 3. It takes less than five minutes to cast a special vote, and you can vote on the spot or take it to vote later.

If you cannot come to the voting center to cast a special vote, we can send you the forms. Email [email protected] or call 04 499 4444 and we can help.


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