Here’s What Happened To Every Winner Of The Great Food Truck Race


It’s hard to cooperate with your brother, but in the third season of “The Great Food Truck Race”, Ted and Yong Kim, along with their teammate Han Lee Hwang, proved that sibling teamwork can lead to incredible things after winning the title of the third food truck to win the show (via Seoul sausage). There were a lot of things that worked against the team, but despite not having worked in a food truck before, or even being able to do their namesake menu item, sausages, they managed to beat Nonna’s Kitchenette in the final, with a difference of just over $100 in sales (via Food Network).

Now, Seoul sausage continues to operate a window restaurant in Los Angeles, open since 2010. It continues to offer its spicy sausages and Kalbi, as well as Doshirak bowls with various proteins, vegetables and other delicious ingredients. Although he is based in California, he ships his goods worldwide via belly of gold. The team also plans to feature again in the final season of “The Great Food Truck Race,” though not as competitors, but this time, as judges for the competing trucks (via Seoul sausage). It may not have the classic hot dogs you find at baseball games, but Seoul Sausage can still be said to have found success after winning on TV.


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