Global Food Security Summit – U.S. Department of State


The world faces global food security crisis with multiple causes, including: climate change, COVID-19 and conflict, including Russia’s ongoing unprovoked war against Ukraine. More than 765 million people worldwide suffered from chronic hunger in 2021.

In response to this growing global crisis, the United States, European Union, African Union, and Spain will co-chair the Global Food Security Summit on September 20 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. Additional co-hosts include Germany, Colombia, Nigeria, the European Commission and Indonesia.

The live stream of the Summit and additional background information is available below.

The climate crisis paralyzes global agricultural production. The Covid-19 pandemic led to job and income losses, as well as supply chain disruptions. Ongoing conflicts in various countries around the world further compound these problems.

Due to unprecedented drought in the Horn of Africa, an estimated 20.5 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya require emergency food assistance to meet their basic needs at the end of August. The UN has predicted that parts of Somalia could face famine later this year without additional humanitarian aid.


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