Enhance relationships with suppliers | BHP



• Use suppliers who violate or do not meet our minimum requirements for suppliers.

• Ignore the warning signs that a supplier may be engaging in inappropriate behavior.

• Award or influence the award of a contract to a supplier in which you have a direct or indirect financial interest or who is associated in any way with a close relative or with whom you have a personal relationship.

• Suggest or directly request a personal gift, hospitality or other item of value from a supplier.

• Bind BHP by signing a supplier contract or any supplier documentation, unless you are authorized to do so pursuant to BHP’s proxies.

• Communicate a vendor’s confidential business information (eg, proposed pricing or winning bid information) directly or indirectly to another vendor.

• Approve a purchase requisition that does not meet BHP’s requirements or expectations.

• Authorize a vendor representative to approve a service entry sheet or invoice for that vendor.

• Knowingly entering into fraudulent or otherwise illegal transactions or failing to report them as soon as you suspect such arrangements may exist.

• Award a contract to a supplier that may present a risk of corruption or refuses to disclose its beneficial ownership to BHP as required.


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