Delivering Food Happiness to Your Doorstep with WoodSpoon


It’s gourmet love delivered right to your door!

A personal touch is all you need these days to make all the difference. Wood Spoon, the latest in culinary innovation and service in the food delivery game. It takes the guesswork out of what to have dinner tonight in the most charming way.

Created by co-founders, Chairman and CEO Oren Saar (formerly of Boston Consulting Group) and Chief Marketing Officer Merav Kalish Rosengarten (formerly CMO of AnyVision) in January 2019, WoodSpoon enables consumers to enjoy a wide variety of meals home of over 300 HomeChefs, providing expertly prepared, home-cooked meals to users in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens), Philadelphia, and New Jersey markets.

The amazing thing about Woodspoon is that you know that with all the eclectic dishes on the menu, there’s something for everyone. There is something that will bring you joy in an instant. What a wonderful thing!

Delivered to your door with a friendly smile, a turquoise-colored bag full of goodies is truly a brilliant thing to brighten up your day. Working on your computer may have been tough all day, but by the time that fresh, elegant meal hits you, it all fades away. Each dish is unique and there is something so satisfying about food that feels like home. The best part is that you get an experience that honors the chefs and their incredible craft. You might get something from the usual Uber Eats, but frankly, you’ll be missing out on this wonderful love in a bag.

The platform proudly gives chefs the opportunity to share their craft with the world and grow. The most popular cuisines on the platform are Israeli, Caribbean, Italian and American, with many HomeChefs offering flavor fusions. Unlike similar services, WoodSpoon has created a space that allows partner chefs to earn a living wage while offering support and helping to build their own home-based business.

The user-friendly app sorts by location, giving customers hyper-local options, allowing chefs to build a following within their communities. Customers have the option to schedule an order, order on demand, or place catering and family-style orders through the app. It’s so easy to use and the fastest, most accurate delivery in all of New York City!

This is the must try of the week. For the best in multicultural cooking home delivery that supports chefs, head over to the app and order today. You will only be satisfied with your selections.

Featured Chefs:

Raghida Haddad (Tate’s Kitchen) was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and now lives in Brooklyn. His offerings spotlight his home country as well as the Middle East as a whole. Recipes were inspired by her mother and grandmother, and she uses high-quality ingredients in her generously-portioned dishes that have options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free customers. Some of its signature dishes include Lahmeh Mishwieh Kababs, two sizzling beef skewers served with hummus, sumac salad and pita bread; Lebanese rice, rice with grilled vermicelli and a mixture of olive oil seasoned with a mixture of spices and herbs from the Middle East; and Stuffed peppers, roasted peppers stuffed with ground beef, rice, spinach, mozzarella, parmesan and feta, Mediterranean herbs and spices.

Kevin Martinez (Flavoroso) discovered his passion for cooking while serving in the United States Navy. He attended culinary school after his service and moved to New York where he worked at Nobu and Jean Georges. He now uses the platform as Flavoroso to serve Italian cuisine like Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp, homemade pasta served with shrimp in a creamy white truffle sauce; and Rigatoni Bolognese, rigatoni pasta tossed in Bolognese sauce, topped with grated Pecorino Romano made to order.

Yuhe Su (Daddy’s Got Chopsticks) was born in northeast China and made it his mission to share northeast Chinese cuisine with New York because the genre is hard to come by. His recipes are inspired by the meals he would have with his family. Yuhe Su decided to start cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic because he couldn’t travel to China and enjoy these meals with his family. Highlights of its WoodSpoon offerings are beefy eggplant, sautéed ground beef and steamed eggplant in a traditional Chinese bean paste sauce, served with white rice; Lamb noodles with sour cabbage, lamb and pickled cabbage served in a homemade noodle bowl.

WoodSpoon also has a number of pastry chefs and bakers: Esther Saad (Esther’s Kitchen), a Mexican-born chef who studied at the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) and serves baked goods to flavors of ancient Eastern European Jewish cuisines with a Mexican twist like European Ruggelach, nuts, chocolate and spices in a wonderfully light yeast bun, and Cheese Croissants, loaded miniature croissants a mixture of Jarlsberg and Mozzarella cheeses, topped with parmesan and sesame seeds; and Lena Derisavifard (Bibi Bakery), a Texas-born and raised Iranian-American who specializes in baklava, which is available in traditional, hazelnut chocolate, coconut, and pink cardamom flavors.


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