Dare to Care partners with New Roots to bring fresh produce to the food desert


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – From the gas pump to the grocery store, the cost of living is rising. At the same time, supply chain issues mean the shelves aren’t as stocked as they used to be.

For many, these are new inconveniences, but in the “food deserts” of Louisville, they are persistent problems.

West Louisville is specifically known for being a food desert.

“It just means there isn’t easy access to fresh food and vegetables,” said Vincent James, president and CEO of Dare to take care of the food bank in West Louisville. “It’s critical.”

Now Dare to Care is teaming up with another nonprofit to help supply West End crispers.

new roots is a non-profit organization that provides local organic products on a fortnightly basis to its shareholders. Shareholders pay on a sliding scale based on their income level and household size.

Thursday, for the first time, shareholders were able to pick up their products at Dare to Care.

Part of what made James want to partner with New Roots is its mission to de-stigmatize food aid.

“So you have individuals who have more net worth and individuals who have very little,” James said. “You can shop in one place.”

For New Roots, the partnership also makes sense. They wanted to better reach residents of West Louisville.

Dare to Care’s location and influence provides this opportunity.

“We try to make picking up fresh vegetables and fruit as common as possible, the same way there are liquor stores or fast food restaurants on every corner,” Angela O’Bannon, market manager for the said West Louisville New Roots Fresh Stop.

Frank Schwartz has been a New Roots shareholder for almost a decade. He said he was happy to use this new location and continue to support the program.

“Quality food is really important, and I hope people can afford it,” Schwartz said.

Cecelia Hines has been a shareholder for three years. She appreciates the variety of products and the recipes that accompany them.

“It lets you try different ones that you’ve never tried, like bok choy,” Hines said. “I’ve never really eaten a lot of squash and zucchini, and it’s good, you know, to roast them and bake them.”

“You’re helping the community and also getting great vegetables at a discount,” Hines said.

Learn more about the New Roots Fresh Produce Program here. Prices are as low as $6 per share for qualifying clients.

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