Danone Institute North America offers training to boost local efforts towards more sustainable food systems


WHITE PLAINS, NY – Danone Institute North America, a non-profit organization created by Danone North America, recently hosted an in-person training program for grant recipients from its “One Planet. One Health” initiative. initiative promotes resilient and sustainable local food systems by awarding five teams from the United States and Canada US$30,000 to develop and execute their community sustainability projects and by sponsoring their participation in sustainability-focused training in Boulder, CO .and local sustainability decision makers and included a communications workshop to help participants get the word out about their work in their community.The participating teams represented four distinct communities in the United States and Canada: Lincoln City, Oregon; San Luis Obispo, California; Edmonton, Alberta; and Nanaimo, British Columbia.

First introduced in 2019, the “One Planet. The “One Health” initiative reflects Danone’s belief that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected. Selected from applicants across the United States and Canada, the winners were recognized in 2021 for their innovation and impact, and for how they address the ever-changing food challenges in their community.

Winning projects and teams involved in the training include:

  • Juntos en el Jardín (Together in the garden)
    (Team member organizations: Oregon State University; Northwest Coastal Housing; Olalla Center)
  • Farmers Market Navigator Program for a Healthy Planet and Healthy People in San Luis Obispo County
    (Team member organizations: University of California Cooperative Extension; North County Farmers Market Association; Center for Family Strengthening; Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County)
  • Building a Sustainable Post-Pandemic Food System: Start in Edmonton
    (Team member organizations: University of Manitoba; Edmonton Food Bank; Baranowski & Sons Nutrition)
  • Building Sustainable Food Systems: Evaluating a Good Food Box Program in Nanaimo, British Columbia
    (Team member organizations: University of Victoria; University of Waterloo; Growing Opportunities Farm Community Coop; Nanaimo Foodshare Society)

“The ” A planet. One Health” The initiative helps amplify sustainability efforts by enabling action among communities and individuals at the local level and using communication strategies to raise awareness,” says Leslie Lytle, PhD, President, Danone Institute North America. “The training conference brings together winning teams from the United States and Canada to share experiences and learn from sustainability and communications experts. We were thrilled to award an additional $10,000 to the team at the University of Victoria (BC) and the Nanaimo Foodshare Society for their plans to create a documentary to share with stakeholders to build awareness and support.

About the University of Victoria (BC) and the Nanaimo Foodshare Society:
The transdisciplinary team from the University of Victoria and Nanaimo Food Share examines the impact of the Good Food Box (GFB) initiative administered by Nanaimo Foodshare, serving a small town of approximately 80,000 people on the east coast of Vancouver Island, unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation (snoo-NAI-muk). The project assesses the impacts of the GFB on household food security, eating habits, health and food literacy and assesses the potential of the GFB to contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the local food system.

“We want to know how the Good Food Box initiative can reduce food and nutrition insecurity at the community level in Nanaimo,” says Matthew Little, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria. “Our preliminary results suggest that participants feel an increased sense of belonging, are more food secure, and eat more regular, balanced, and healthy meals.”

For more information on the Danone North America Institute, visit www.danoneinstitutena.org

About the Danone Institute North America
Launched in 1997, the Danone North America Institute encourages cross-disciplinary and community-based work to promote sustainable food systems globally. It is a separately incorporated 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to non-commercial activities. The Danone Institute North America is one of many Danone Institutes created around the world by Danone, the ultimate parent company of Danone North America Public Benefit Corporation.

The Board of Directors is made up of both independent nutritional science experts and business leaders from Danone North America Public Benefit Corporation. Nutrition scientists set program direction, determine funding recipients, and are closely involved in all Danone Institute programs in North America. Danone North America managers provide communication support, expertise in program development and management.


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