CellPoint Digital signs partnership with Radisson Hotels


UK-based payment orchestration operator CellPoint Digital has signed a new partnership with Radisson Hotel Group.

According to the company’s press release, Radisson Hotel Group will use CellPoint Digital’s payment orchestration platform to integrate new payment methods, new acquirers and stored card facilities. By orchestrating payments between regions and payment methods.

CellPoint Digital’s platform would orchestrate payments across regions and payment methods for Radisson Hotel Group in an effort to optimize a multi-acquirer payment model that the hotel chain is attempting to subscribe to.

Cellpoint Digital’s API will also use smart routing, a technology that is typically associated with increasing authorization rates, providing transparency into system availability, while reducing the cost of accepting cross-border payments.

Local payment methods and alternative payment options can be difficult to navigate. Cellpoint Digital company officials said in the press release that ensuring payment acceptance is at an optimal level can ensure revenue growth, both in the short and long term. The main focus of the partnership is how Radisson orchestrates cross-border payments.

The partnership marks an expansion of CellPoint Digital’s customer vertical from airspace to the hospitality industry.

Payment trends in the hotel space

According to data provided by PSP and direct bank card acquirer Ecommpay in June 2022, 54% of UK businesses expressed concern about limitations on payment options following the international unrest.

Data from Ecommpay revealed that business leaders in the hospitality industry consider offering a variety of payment choices (42%), payment fraud and security (40%) and process (28%) as their biggest challenges in 2022. The same The survey offers insights into the payment choices nearly half of consumers make when interacting with the hospitality industry: 49% say expect to use debit cards regularly over the next five years. Payment methods such as PayPal (35%), direct debit (29%) and credit cards (25%) were cited as the most popular payment methods for consumers.

Cellpoint Digital’s Recent Product Extensions

CellPoint Digital is a payment orchestration platform that optimizes digital payment transactions, from cards or alternative payment methods, and accelerates the deployment of new payment options.

After receiving an investment worth USD 25 million from Toscafund in January 2022 to enter new vertical markets, CellPoint Digital has partnered with Continuum Commerce, to integrate CellPoint’s payments orchestration with multi-currency services and Continuum FX.

CellPoint Digital then partnered with Chargebacks911 to combine chargebacks solutions within the premiere’s payment orchestration platform for mid-market and enterprise customers across all verticals, particularly given the the growth of e-commerce and cross-border transactions, and the associated expected growth in chargebacks. In July 2022, the company then added recurring payments functionality through Rebar Technology.

Most recently, in August 2022, CellPoint announced a partnership with Cybersource, Visa’s payment fraud management solution, to provide merchants with a solution to aggregate transaction data across multiple acquisitions and offer merchants a way doable to fight online fraud.

To learn more about CellPoint Digital, please see the company profile in the Paypers Company Database.


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